Liberty's Stories from the Sea- Volume 1

Liberty's Stories from the Sea- Volume 1

One fishing night I was out with my dad on the boat fishing, when, for some reason both of the engines in our boat quit. It was a pretty big blow considering we were about 4 hours from home, with no help in sight. So we radioed a tender boat, (a big boat there to assist fisherman) and told them we were gonna need a tow home. 

They radioed back saying they were quite a ways away and wouldn't be able to take us back till after the closure... several hours later. So, we made the most of it by drifting out into deeper waters, casting our net and waiting...waiting...waiting. During which time we sang "Ole Susanna" over and over until we were soon making up our own verses and laughing till it hurt at this hilarious situation. We decided to pull the net back on board, and much to our surprise we pulled in the most massive sockeye reds we both have ever seen, and lots of 'em!! We couldn't believe our eyes! Usually the best fishing is close to shore and in shallow water...and to our surprise, we pulled in the most massive salmon we've ever seen! 

We had just caught so many massive sockeye salmon. To this day I'll never forget the incredible shimmer on those huge beautiful salmon, and their deep purple eyes, those of which I have still yet to see on another salmon!

So heres to incredible stories that grow out of very frustrating circumstances! What a good lesson we learned that day on the tow back to town. Never underestimate deepwater and a broken engine!

By Karen Deaton Perry

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