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Meet Annette & Charles

fisherfolk, culinary creatives, & the dreamers who started it all

Annette and Charles began as a newlywed couple dreaming of an adventurous Alaskan life. In 2014, they turned their dream into a reality, packed up their lives and said goodbye to the home they built by hand. Since then, they moved to Cordova, bought Liberty (the bow picker that catches your fish) and started Liberty’s Alaskan Seafood. Together they have built a life and family they love - sharing the dream they started in 1987.

02 — Fisherman Charles & Alaska Mama

I am Fisherman Charles, captain of our boat, Liberty. 

I am also a husband to Annette and a dad to Karen, William and Autumn. Together we make up Liberty’s Alaskan Seafood. I bought the dream of fishing as a teenager, working on my Uncles Fishing Boat.

I have been a general contractor, gone to college and became a Civil Engineer, but the dream of being a fisherman never went away. So, Annette and I sold out of Oklahoma and moved to Cordova, Alaska. We bought a fishing vessel and a permit, and today we operate Liberty’s Alaska Seafood.

I named the boat Liberty, because it set me free from a desk and a 9-5 job, and opened up my life to adventure, excitement and opportunity.

We offer you a chance to partake in our dream, by offering our catch to you. Our catch is the best that Alaska has to offer, Copper River Kings and Coper River Red. Enjoy the Dream with us. Eat Wild!

Favorite Things:

> Person: Annette / Alaska Mama

> Warm, fresh donuts

> 4x4 pickup trucks

> Wooden frame structures

> The color blue

> The movies Top Gun & McLintock!

> Listening to my kids tell stories 

> Talking about good food

Hello, I'm Alaska Mama

I am passionate about my family, Alaska, and traveling. I love our little seaside town and the beauty that surrounds me. I enjoy waking up to the cries of eagles and seagulls out over the bay. We live over a coffee shop. So anytime I want a coffee, I just walk downstairs. The smell is incredible.

I can look outside our picture window and see the Salmonberry bushes in bloom. I can see the sheets of rain coming down too. I enjoy getting together with friends and family around a bonfire, getting a coffee or dinner. They are blessings.

My role in Liberty’s Alaskan Seafood is helper & encourager, and I am in charge of fulfillment. I keep the home fires burning, while Fisherman Charles is out to sea.  

Favorite Things:

> Rainy cold dreary days.

> Getting things done and accomplished.

> Salted caramel flavor

> Birch trees

> Top Gun - Movie

> Corvette Stingray - Car

> Burnt orange - Color

> To Kill a Mockingbird - Book

> Spicy food

> Charles Deaton

our story — 03


We graduated high school together


We started dating on July 4




We drove to Alaska & in November we drove back down to Oklahoma

We had our kids



Started building our house on Hisel

Sold Hisel House for boat and permit in March


Traveled to Alaska to live as commercial fishermen



Love living the dream with Liberty’s Alaskan Seafood

04 — the rest of the crew



Hey, I'm Karen!

Most days you can find me chugging iced chais and kayaking my way through Alaska. If there's a slight rain and a body of water near, there is a 100% chance I'm kayaking in it! I'd much rather be bundled up in my sleeping bag by the fire than frolicking on a beach somewhere. Oh, and I own a rockin' little cafe nestled on the coastline of Cordova, called Kayak Cafe.

I'm a visionary, adventurer, and always down for a good bonfire. Currently, my husband, Trent, and I live in Cordova, Alaska in a little apartment near the sea. We love every minute of our crazy lives + can't wait to bring you along for the ride.

Favorite Things:

> Coffee
> Camping
> Trent
> Butter Pecan ice cream
> Couch cuddles
> Thick, giant, Jersey Mikes Subs
> My Gigi Pip hat
> Cozy sweaters
> Giant braids

Hey, I'm Autumn

My name is Autumn. I am a first year student at Savannah College of Art & Design studying Animation with a minor in Interactive Game Design. Since I am attending University right now, I will only spend my summer months in Cordova. During my time at home, my art and tech background is put to use filming and editing videos and creating designs for upcoming merchandise.

You can learn more about me and my art at my website or instagram @autumns_art

My Favorite Things:

> Drawing 
> Reading
> Hiking 
> Camping
> Coffee
> Candles 
> Horror Movies
> Swimming at the lake
> Spending time with friends & family





Hey, I'm William

I moved with my family to Cordova, Alaska, from Del City, Oklahoma, when I was turning thirteen years old. Almost immediately, I started to grow into the Alaskan that I have become. In our blog, you will read all about us and follow our story, but I wanted to introduce myself here so that you can have a general picture of who I am.

Within Liberty’s Alaskan Seafood, I am a deckhand who helps Dad in the Prince William Sound. As a deckhand, I help him pick the salmon out of the net, sort the salmon into the five different species, bleed the salmon, and then sell the salmon. My other duties include cleaning Liberty, cooking our meals, engine maintenance, and amateur net repair. I love to read, especially history books about our great country, but a good fictional book will never lead you astray.

The natural beauty in Cordova is something that truly points us towards our Creator and encourages us to be good stewards to our Earth. I hope that you enjoy following us on our Great Alaskan Journey! 

My Favorite Things:

> The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexander Dumas
> Italian foods of all kinds
> Hiking trail in Cordova: Heney Ridge Trail.
> The month of September
> My favorite academic study is either English or History.
> American politics.
> The Chicago O’Hare International Airport.
> Peach Cobbler and Strawberry Rhubarb Pie

Hey, I'm Trent

My greatest talent is channeling my inner house cat and taking long naps in sun beams. I love a good cookout, and will never say no to car jams involving emo music from the 2000s. You can catch me on a seiner in the middle of the Prince William Sound slaying fish + throwing back a Dr. Pepper, or at home with Karen, helping her run the cafe. 

P.S. I'm a way better barista than she is... but don't tell her that. LOL

My Favorite Things:

> Cooking Asian dishes
> Long hikes up Eyak Mountain
> Dr. Pepper
> Longboarding
> Winning board games
> Karen cuddles
> Chicken nuggies
> Hammock naps in the sun
> Gamming 

Woof, I'm Captain

Aaargh! My name is Captain  and I am the eye candy of the family! That's right, I am the chocolate lab. Wherever anyone says go, treat, want, or walk, I whine with joy. Wagging my tail is always fun.

Smelling the slimy fish makes me hungry. But, if my people aren't watching, I may just jump into the sea. So much fun! Okay, back to having fun. 

My Favorite Things:

> Walking with William
> Going on adventures in the mountains
> Eating with my family (and getting fresh salmon bites!)
> Sleeping next to the fire
> Playing with my best friend called Daniel Kitty
> Laying next to momma when we watch TV
> Swimming - everywhere I can!
> TREATS!!! ... trash... EVERYTHING YUMMY!!



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